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We are one of the best places to work. OptimumBrew Technology provides an opportunity for a AI/ML Engineer job where you can grow your inner self, show your talents, get the best out of your own self. We believe in invention of new processes that ease your work. The work place at OptimumBrew Technology is very flexible.

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About Us

  • We have a team of listeners, questioners, and collaborative problem-solvers. The team is smart, passionate, experienced, and polished. We are designers who get things done. 
  • OptimumBrew is known as a process driven, adaptive and human-first company, where your Growth is valuable to us, both professionally and personally.

Job Description

  • We are looking for talented AI/ML Solutions Engineer who are passionate and know-how the process of building scalable and secure functionality on top of the technology platform. You will be associated with a qualified and experienced pool of people with whom you will build correlations by sharing your experience and growing your capabilities.

Primary Objectives

  • Rapidly Implement State-of-the-Art AI and Machine Learning Models to Enhance
    Graphic Design and Marketing Solutions

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Model Selection: Choose and evaluate pre-trained AI models for specific tasks.
  • Data Preparation: Work with data teams to ready data for model training.
  • Algorithm Tuning: Fine-tune and optimize machine learning algorithms.
  • System Integration: Embed AI components into existing software solutions.
  • Testing: Validate the performance and efficacy of AI implementations.
  • Performance Monitoring: Use analytics to track AI feature performance and make adjustments.
  • Documentation: Briefly document the development process and algorithms used.

Technical Skills You Should Have

  • Python Programming: Proficiency in Python, commonly used for AI and machine learning projects.
  • Machine Learning Frameworks: Experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch, or scikit-learn.
  • Data Manipulation: Skills in data cleaning, transformation, and preparation using
    tools like Pandas or SQL.
  • Software Development: Strong foundational skills, including version control, debugging, and testing.
  • API Integration: Experience with RESTful APIs or similar technologies for integrating machine learning models.
  • Cloud Computing: Familiarity with platforms like AWS.
  • Data Visualization: Basic skills in data visualization tools for analyzing data and
    model performance.
  • Statistical Analysis: Understanding of statistical methods for evaluating models and
  • Teamwork & Communication: Ability to collaborate effectively in cross-functional
    teams and communicate technical concepts.
  • Continuous Learning: Willingness to stay current with advancements in AI and
    machine learning.

Key Expertise

  • Python, AI and machine learning Frameworks(TensorFlow, PyTorch, or scikit-learn),  RESTful APIs, AWS, 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering,
  • B.Tech (CSE/ IT),BCA, MCA, M.Tech.


  • 1 to 5 years of experience in in the technological role.


  • 22 Paid Leaves
  • 5 Days Working
  • Good Company Culture
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension Scheme
  • Statutory Benefits (PF & ESIC)
  • Salary on time
  • Yearly Picnic
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Monthly Events
  • Festival Celebrations

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  • +91 9316393312

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